Bishop Libby at St Cross!

Libby-wwWe look forward to welcoming Bishop Libby to St Cross on the morning of Mothering Sunday! Bishop Libby, the Bishop of Stockport in the Diocese of Chester, was the first woman ever to be consecrated as a Bishop in the Church of England. We are very excited that she has been able to find time, in her very busy diary, to come and share a morning service with us.

The service is at 10:30AM on Sunday 6th March 2016 at St Cross Church, Appleton Thorn. For further details, please phone the vicarage (01925 730276).

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Born in 1959. I'm married with grown-up kids and I'm a priest in the Church of England. I play guitar: I have a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. And a Washburn​ EA40 electro-acoustic and a couple of ukuleles. I like the idea of being Professor of Cartoon Physics.

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