Emergency Procedures

Plan of St Cross Church showing exits (click here)

Action on discovering a fire

The following instructions are for those in charge of the welfare of the congregation and visitors to our building. The action points are designed for when the building is occupied during a service, concert or children’s activity.

  1. On discovering a fire – shout ‘fire’,  blow the whistle which is located by the door to the Blackcap Galley. The duty warden will be the person who will coordinate the evacuation and liaises with the Fire Services.
  2. Dial 999 ask for the fire brigade and give the Location as St Cross Church on the corner of Stretton Road and Lumbrook Road WA4 4RT
  3. Stewards and Wardens should go to their allotted positions taking with them a torch (if required)
    • Any disabled people will be given assistance to exit the building and taken to the assembly point.
    • Children will be given assistance to exit the building in an orderly manner teachers or youth leaders will assist with escorting children from the building. It is important to reassure children that they will be safe.
    • Once people have evacuated from the building stewards will notify a warden that no one is left in their part of the building.
    • The steward by the Blackcap Galley will check that there is no one in the toilet or kitchen.
    • Notify the Fire Services that everyone is out of the building or unaccounted for.
    • Do not re-enter the building under any circumstances
  4. If anyone is trained and is capable of using a fire extinguisher then please do so. However only do this if it is safe to do so. i.e. paper fire in a bin. Only use Co2 extinguisher on electrical fires and water extinguisher on paper fires. Please take both water fire extinguishes to the fire as one may not put the fire out.
  5. Only enter the building after the fire, on the advice of the fire Services.